Huelin Health Center

Huelin Health Center

Joaquín Galán Vallejo Architects
Huelin´s park, Spain
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Huelin Health Center

Joaquín Galán Vallejo Architects as Architects

The building was selected the best "Healthcare building" to South of Spain by both the University of Seville and Malaga. The design of Health Center of Huelin is due to two reasons of both urban criteria as formal form fulfilling the schedule program and budget and they resulted in the constructed building. The first criterion that was considered was to integrate, as much as possible, the building inside the park where the site is located, to which the entire program distributed one single floor, as a result, the building apparently goes unnoticed, from the park itself. On the contrary it does not quit at any time the excellence and some degree of prominence a building of these characteristics has to have in its environment, which despite being a compact building with no protruding elements, there was a studied composition of the elements that distinguishes the building facade and widely compensates for having little height and being very elongated, in short.

Another element that distinguishes the building is the main use of two materials in its cladding, exterior walls, interior and limestone floors, plus carpentry aluminium exterior and ceilings. The contrast between these materials gives some coherence. From a compositional perspective, the building reads like two pieces (a healthcare one and another administrative), which are joined by a continuous skylight.

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