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Grandio as Architects

Indestructible "HÜGA"

HÜGA is a tiny, precast concrete relocatable house on the ambitious mission to provide a cozy, comfortable, and indestructible home that is affordable for everyone in the world.


The company, Grandio, was founded 77 years ago in Argentina and is currently run by two architects and two engineers, university teachers. By observing their students, they have noticed that today's young people desire to travel, explore, be unlimited by social structures, live wherever they want, and align with what they believe.


So, they came up with a "HÜGA," a fully designed and ready-to-move -home that can be placed wherever you want.  The name spans from the Danish concept "Hygge," a philosophy of life-based on living with alignment with yourself and nature and enjoying the company of your loved ones. The founders envision Hüga forming healthy communities of like-minded people, which would appeal to today's conventional tiny-home crowd.


During the coronavirus pandemic, Grandio developed partnerships with precast concrete producers to be ready to supply Hüga throughout North America. During these troubling times, Grandio has seen growing customer interest in North America and Europe. People in all age groups are in the look for something affordable, convenient, and mobile-friendly.


45m2 Hüga (3,90 x 3,90 x 11m) is built with an appreciation of the outdoors by having large panoramic windows that blend into nature and allow more natural light.


Hüga is movable and stress-free maintenance. By modern construction methods and materials used, it is indestructible. It can be placed on the mountains; it will resist Quebec's snowfalls and tornados of Florida or humidity of Louisiana. It can even be buried. Hüga is ready for any climate latitude. Hüga is prepared for any climate or latitude, even in Patagonia Argentina or in the Caribbean it can accredit the best qualification in energy efficiency standards.   


Hüga is designed to accommodate the owner in all stages of life. Initially, an owner can start by buying an original 45m2 Hüga, with one bedroom, relax zone (mezzanine with space for a 2-seater mattress), zoned bathroom, kitchen, and living-dining room. At a later stage in life, he can buy an additional Hüga-unit with two bedrooms or expand the living room and lounge area. There is a lot of space for flexibility and the ability to accommodate different budgets.


Hüga will provide a home for anyone around the world. Hüga is available for preorder in North America. Once produced, it will be transported and installed in the desired location in only one day without the need for the foundation.


Materials used:

  1. Flooring: Luxury Vinyl Floors., Merida Urban vinyl floor, condorand
  2. Doors: PVC, Front door, REHAU
  3. Windows: PVC, all windows, REHAU
  4. Interior lighting: Design light artifact, Gross lamp
  5. Interior furniture: Egger products, kitchen and bathroom furniture
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Project Credits
Product Spec Sheet

Luxury Vinyl FloorsCondorand
Design light artifactTraum Wood Lighting
kitchen and bathroom furnitureEGGER Wood-based materials
PVC, Front door and all windowsREHAU
Product Spec Sheet
Luxury Vinyl Floors
Merida Urban vinyl floor by Condorand
Design light artifact
Gross lamp by Traum Wood Lighting
kitchen and bathroom furniture
PVC, Front door and all windows
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