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Huis van de stad

Huis van de stad

Soeters Van Eldonk architecten
Gouda, Netherlands | View Map
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Züblin Nederland BV
Dirk Busschaert

Huis van de stad

RENSON as Manufacturer

Project Huis van de stad, published by Renson.

Location: Gouda, Netherlands

Category: Offices

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Teamconcept project: Huis van de Stad Gouda

Züblin Nederland BV as Contractors

The Gouda Railway Zone is an important planning development, and not only for the city of Gouda itself. Gouda station has intercity status and when the terminal of the Rhine-Gouwe Line arrives, it will create a public transport terminal for the entire region. For many centuries, new economic activities have arisen at transport axis intersections. The Master Plan for the Gouda Station Northern Area included offices, shops and commercial areas. The Northern Station Area received a tremendous stimulus with the arrival of two special buildings: the City House and the station hall. The City House will make the area a landmark for the city of Gouda.

Züblin Nederland BV was responsible for the implementation of structural, mechanical engineering and electrical works for the City House project according to the Design & Build principles: a town hall with offices and public ¬functions. The Züblin Teamconcept method was used during the works. It is necessary to take account of the proximity of the railway for the techniques used. Some of the piles have therefore been drilled rather than driven into the ground to prevent excessive vibration. The technical installation (including heat and cold storage - CHP) has been subcontracted to Unica. CHP makes use of natural heat that is present in the soil and groundwater. CHP is therefore a form of sustainable energy.

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