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The National Asian Cultural Complex is a world-class complex cultural facility where cultural exchange, creation, education and research are carried out in Asia and various international exchange and cooperation projects are carried out.

The International Conference Room is a forum for mutual understanding and communication through international cultural exchanges that spread Asian culture widely throughout the world through cultural arts, knowledge exchanges and various international events in Asian countries.

The designer took charge of lobby design of international conference room where home and abroad honored guests would visit frequently.

The client wanted this lobby to have Korean traditional identity because the guests come from all over the world.

The designers embodied the design in which tradition and modernity are in harmony through creative reinterpretation, rather than applying Korean traditional elements unconditionally.

 They put the important intangible cultural property crafts in the right place as well as modern crafts made in collaboration with artisans.

Entering lobby hall through metal gate motivated by brass, one can meet a bell of the temple Beopjusa of Joseon Dynasty made by a holder of Jucheoljang(intangible cultural property about casting).

Anyone can ring the bell. Acoustic element enables spatial experience to be plentiful.

The lobby’s center which presents the feeling in the courtyard of Hanok, is created to hold various cultural events situationally.

A corridor at the right of the lobby is unbeatable for having a break with tea between conferences. People can enjoy Korean traditional crafts without burdens because they are placed on the table in the shape of showcase.

A fan artwork covering one wall harmonizes fluidly with the snug light filtering through Hanji(Korean traditional paper made from mulberry tree).

There are many elements to lead to Korean and Oriental world shadow seen through the pattern of traditional window and ceiling recalling the memory to look at the figure reflected on the tranquil pond silently.

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