Hydropower Station Tsankov Kamak

Hydropower Station Tsankov Kamak

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Hydropower Station Tsankov Kamak (Description)

ALPINE Bau GmbH as Contractors

The hydroelectric power plant is located in the Rhodopes, a mountain range on the border with Greece, and is part of the Vacha cascade. The entire construction of the power plant is technically very demanding. The project comprises the construction of the arch dam (135 m) with all the auxiliary structures such as the diversion tunnel and cofferdam for the construction period. In addition, a turbine hall with return structures is being constructed in the river. The project also requires a new bypass road to be built and an 800 m long tunnel. A potential reduction in CO2 emissions of approx. 200,000 t annually will make an important contribution to environmental protection.

SPECIAL FEATURES - ALPINE is undertaking all the construction work. This employs around 1,200 workers from the region with 600 working around the clock. - In the Gashina valley an area of 60,000 m2 has to be sealed due to the geological conditions. - River diversion through an 800 m long tunnel - A road diversion with a total length of 24 km is also being constructed, as are access roads and production units to cope with the required construction works.

FURTHER INFORMATION: Construction work: turbine hall, tunnel and shaft structures Dam: Height 210 m, length 123 m Rated capacity: 2 x 160 MW Annual power generation: 1,100 GWh Construction period: 2002 – 2009 Contract value: approx. € 156 million

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