IDC Space research and display space for the international design

IDC Space research and display space for the international design

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IDC Space: research and showcase space for the international design centre

Sawako Kaijima as Designers

Situated at the heart of the Dover Campus of the Singapore University of Technology and Design, the International Design Centre’s showroom is an exciting new space retro fitted for design research and knowledge sharing. The 13m x 16m space hosts an office/desk-space component, a small prototyping lab as well as an exhibition gallery providing a unique environment for showcasing some of the most exciting on-going IDC design research work. The space features an impressive illuminated-ceiling installation comprised of circa 6000 custom designed lighting and display components. The fixtures are based on patent-pending SUTD/IDC design developed for the project using low power, heat emission, and cost LED elements housed in a bespoke-manufactured high-performance refractive lens enclosure. The fixtures, namely Light Hangers, are made of polycarbonate composed of a tubular body and pairs of attachment sockets [3 part injection mould]. Inserting or removing an end-socket allows one to control light intensity while the fixture’s geometry provides connection points for one to hang and display objects. The expressive three dimensional distributions of fixtures create an ambient spatial experience without shadow suitable for IDC research activities and exhibition functions. The space can be quickly reconfigured by suspending partitions, posters, and exhibition objects from the connector sockets integrated in each fixture to accommodate variety of IDC designs. One might use a single point to hang a plant pot, use two points to hang a screen, three or more to create a cabinet or shelving unit, or use multiple points altogether to create a complex three dimensional field and perhaps perform test with flying robots, for instance. The entire ceiling acts as a system of dense spatial connections inducing new ways of occupancy and types of connectivity.

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