IL Cielo In Ogni Stanza – The Sky In Every Room

IL Cielo In Ogni Stanza – The Sky In Every Room

Chiara Armando Design
Fossano, Province of Cuneo, Italy | View Map
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IL Cielo In Ogni Stanza – The Sky In Every Room

Chiara Armando Design as Architects

Special mention for this project received in January 2017,  at the side of the great names of Italian Architecture, such as Michele De Lucchi (AMDL), Alfonso Femia (5 + 1)Mario Cucinella and Matteo Thun, for the competition “Architettura in Legno ” organized by Lingus, the Italian National Association of Prefabricated Wooden Houses and IN / ARCH - National Institute of Architecture, to reward the best wooden architecture produced in Italy in the last 10 years.

Respect for the context, environmental sustainability, structural lightness, “zero bills” management were the objectives.

A new volume in green building in class A +, compact outside, fragmented inside, which tastes of light, but also of spaces obtained and optimized, under the big roof with exposed frame.

The building is located in the historic centre of Fossano, a building with probably medieval structure, which over the centuries has undergone numerous and important changes.


Due to the evident deterioration in which it fell, it was decided to remove the last floor, including what remained of the last slab and the re-establishment of a new green building volume. 


The new structure, built with dry layering techniques on a wooden structure, in line with the objectives of sustainable development, has favored the use of renewable materials and the search for ecological solutions suitable for this type of housing.

Internally the design idea was developed under the large roof with the exposed frame, through the insertion of new volumes. Defined by opaque, glazed or just conceptual walls, such as the living room, located on a low wooden mezzanine, and the kitchen space, designed in continuity with the latter and outlined solely by the furniture.

The small loggia is also part of these: an interior-exterior obtained thanks to a glass box leaning against the wall facing the square. The solution allowed to create a visual frame on the historic centre and on the hills of the Langhe.

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Product Spec Sheet

Mosaico – Crystal glassMarazzi
Kitchen top, island and living room forniture - whiteFENIX
Parquet – Rovere naturaleListone Giordano
Product Spec Sheet
Mosaico – Crystal glass
by Marazzi
Kitchen top, island and living room forniture - white
Parquet – Rovere naturale
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