Il Punto Tipografico - Concorso Mehari​

Il Punto Tipografico - Concorso Mehari​

DelphiLAB+ Laboratorio d'Architettura
Naples, Italy
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Il Punto Tipografico - Concorso Mehari​

DelphiLAB+ Laboratorio d'Architettura as Architects

Put a period. Put a period to the sentence of an article. Put a period to the endless list of victims. Put a period to "I didn’t see" and "I didn’t heard." Put a period to a piece of the city where too much has let go and has been tolerated. Put a period, mark a place that was not there before and now there is. Put a period because it can’t be no longer. Put a period to the Camorra. Put a period: from here we turn the page.

The project proposal is basedon the idea of a typographical point. The point is the simplest of the elements that you can think, has no shape, no size, falls outside the categories of time and space. Anyway, there is a need to represent it as a monumental element, give it a material reality that is under everyone's eyes. The spatial expression of this concept is made through a sphere, a pure solid, symbol of integrity and completeness.

The area where it will be placed is characterized by a consistent flow of traffic related to the vehicles, in and out from the Naples highway, which moves in different ways and directions. There is therefore a need to offer something that is usable "in the round",independently of the perspective you look at it.

The project consists of a single spherical element having a radius of 3m, placed in the middle of the roundabout. This is a modular geodesic structure made of steel. Inside there is the Mehariof GiancarloSiani, suspended at midair.

Part of the outer surface is covered by opaque modules; on them are engraved the names of the victims of the Mafia as listed by the Association Libera. The result is a sphere in part transparent and permeable, and partly occluded. This chromatic choice wants to symbolically recall the rising of legality against the darkness of the Camorra and symbol of this message is the Giancarlo’sMehari that is in the center of the monument. The sphere itself as visual and psychological fulcrum around which orbits the stories of ordinary people, their ambitions, their hopes for the future, their desire for redemption from a stereotype of silence and resignation.

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