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Trias Mahendarto of Studio Mahendarto as Architects

‘One night, after being read of a story about a hidden kingdom between the mountains, Lily was awakeabove her bed. Her eyes gazed deeply towards the walls of her room, and she gave a peculiar smile.From her eyes, she saw the castle where the king resides, hidden among the mountains. In his hall,was his queen, his daughters, and his loyal subjects. In front of that palace, stood the strong stonebridge, the only access that connects the castle to the surrounding mountains. Slowly her roomtransformed into the hidden kingdom that her mother just told her, walls becoming the sky, lampbecoming the silent moon, images becoming stars, and bookshelves into the unbreakable bridge.None but herself could see it, though. And Lily enjoyed retelling the story of the hidden kingdom insideher mind, with her side of the story, and the bigger the smile that child have before she falls asleep.’

Such is the power of imagination a child could have. It is said that a child’s imagination is rich andlimitless. It may only be a tool for them to have fun, but it can take them far and away from theireveryday life. The sense of adventure, seeing ancient, mysterious, yet magical places, and meetingwith different types of characters, men and beasts, is limited only by their power of imagination. Thesource of imagination can come from different places, from books to stories that one once heard, andit is personal, unique from one person to another.

And given the ability of Euramax Aludesign to apply any image to their panels, these panels has thepotential to capture that rich imagination of Lily, and also of others, into something real, giving theopportunity for other people to see a glimpse of their imaginations. These captured imagination will notonly enrich our surroundings, It can also be a source of ideas and inspiration, that could lead toinnovations and inventions. It can bring back memories of the past, or to enrich our own source ofimagination.

But for all these potentials, these captured images of the imagination will be a reminder for us that ourmind is such a great tool without limitation, that can carry us away inside our fantasy, with nothingmore but ourselves as the engine to create them.

Casco Loft: Interiors for Interaction
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Casco Loft: Interiors for Interaction

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Amsterdam, The Netherlands - Build completed in 2018
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