India Glycols Corporate Office

India Glycols Corporate Office

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India Glycols Corporate Office

Morphogenesis. as Architects

Reinventing the paradigm of office space: Sited in a non-contextual suburban area of Delhi, the setting led to the development of an introverted scheme that would address environmental and socio-economic issues from first principles.

Blurring boundaries between the inside and outside: The built form configured of 8m wide office bays optimizes the natural day lighting and helps to define the programmatic requirements of the office. A stacking system is used to generate a variety of open spaces; courtyards, verandahs, terraces, green roofs etc. that help to structure the office spaces. A central spine traversing the built volume serves as the common activity zone, with other departments branching out.

Energy consciousness: Instead of an overlay of an environmental layer, passive design techniques are employed throughout the scheme. Solar exclusion is achieved by means of a solid external perimeter, which only permits diffused daylight into the office environs.

Credentials: • A + D, Rhythmic Articulation, May 2014 • The Journal of Indian Institute of Architects, March 2014 • Commercial Design, Nature Nurturer, February 2014 • Society Interiors, Green Approach, January 2014 • IIA, Excellence in Architecture, 2013 • Design Today, 2012 • Dwell Asia, Singapore, 2012 • Property Awards for Commercial Property Excellence, Office Architect of the Year, 2011

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