Industrial Landscape Image

Industrial Landscape Image

Gabriel Duque

Industrial Landscape Image

Gabriel Duque as Architects

In the new global era, information come in many ways, forms or codes. To shape and give answer to the competition, one has to find the right questions to ask. What do we know about the territory this place is located on? One of the ways to understand it comes from digital resources found on internet. Maps; geographical information is easily found now, and this is one of many contemporary phenomena anyone can put on the table and play with it, and let the people around the world get to meet with the territory.

So in this game of images, we collected some of them so it could be easily understood it's urban and "rural" landscape, What is this territory shaped of? To answer this global question on a local matter, the façade is used as a showcase as the perfect excuse to make global information useful in a local soil, as a new kind of proximity with the territory. In this exercise we thought of this façade in need of a newer image, expanding the imaginary of the poor industrial landscape and nurture it with all the categories seen in the aerial view of the location.

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Udine, Italy - Build completed in 2018
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