Industrial Technology Research Institute Central Taiwan Innovation Campus Public Art

Industrial Technology Research Institute Central Taiwan Innovation Campus Public Art

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Industrial Technology Research Institute Central Taiwan Innovation Campus Public Art

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We won the public art competition for Industrial Technology Research Institute Central Taiwan Innovation Campus in 2010. We made three art works, Voxel Scape, Mountain Scape, and Holed Scape in collaboration with local artists and craftsmen, integrating traditional technique/materials and computer-generated design and construction methods. The main building is almost square-shaped in plan. The three artworks are cut out in cubic shapes as if spatial samples are cut out of a universal space, with each piece representing a different flow of vector fields.

Voxel Scape (collaboration with Lin Kuo Long / Shuili Snakekiln) The sculpture is derived from the characteristics of the dynamic natural landscape of Nantou. Nantou was the epicenter of the 921 Earthquake of 1999, and the central Taiwan region is a focal point of geological force concentration and known for its extremely steep mountainous landscape. Such invisible natural force is manifested in a visual form through integration of digital technology and the local culture. The ceramic cubes were baked in the traditional "snake kiln" by the local artist Lin Kuo Long of Shuili Snakekiln. Steel plates are stacked layer by layer above the reinforced concrete foundation, and then ceramic units are fixed to the steel plates.

The steel plates are supported by steel pipes, which locations are verified by 3D computational analysis. In order to reinforce horizontal steel plates, vertical steel plates are inserted. Three types of steel plates are used: single level, double level, and triple level.The units are composed of main ceramic volumes and three types of special metal parts. Location and types of parts are determined by computational simulation.

Mountain Scape (collaboration with Chen Jing Lin and Ma Yu Shuo of Tennii Studio) The structure of this art work is simply a cubic grid frame, but the cubic chunks of dyed felt connect to the grid units in a seemingly random fashion. The combination start to emerge a fluidity as organic quality. The felt cubes are dyed in 10 degrees of subtle gradation in blue by the local artists Chen Jing Lin and Ma Yu Shuo of Tennii Studio , creating a sense of infinity and depth in the space. Stainless steel connecting bars are attached to stainless steel structural grid composed of 2500 x 2500 x 2500 units, then indigo dyed cube units are attached to connecting bars with cables. The structure is assembled by connecting block by block horizontally. The 200 x 200 x 200 mm cube unit is composed of three layers: wooden cube as the core material; plastic tape; and indigo dyed wool.

Holed Scape (collaboration with Yitsun Studi led by Mr.Yeh Ji Shian) Nanto is known to produce good-quality bamboo, and they make traditional folk crafts out of the material. Due to its excellent elasticity, bamboo is suitable for composing smooth curved surfaces. For this piece, the diagram of black hole or worm hole, which is typically used in graphics, is blown up to a large-scale cubic form, celebrating the integration of tradition and technology, as well as hand craft and science. We have formed a gravitational field modein computer, and 3D-milled it out in 1:1 scale.The bamboo strips are woven against this form by the local art studio Yitsun Studi led by Mr.Yeh Ji Shian. Different weaving methods are applied according to direction and degree of curvature.Bamboo strips are woven around the base model made of the “hole” part and vertical structural supports.

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