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Institute of Image-Guided Invasive Hybrid Surgery

Institute of Image-Guided Invasive Hybrid Surgery

Patrick Schweitzer & Associés Architectes

S and AA Architects
Strasbourg, France
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Institute of Image-Guided Invasive Hybrid Surgery

Patrick Schweitzer & Associés Architectes as Architects

The new Institute of Image-Guided Invasive Hybrid Surgery is an ambitious project, turned to the future while dialoguing with the existant Civil hospital complex where it is located .

Integration into the historical site of the Civil Hospital. In a location with such various architectural styles, the elegant and sobre architecture of the Institut with its shape, its implantation and its roof, borrows from this historical architecture to create a contemporary form.

A contemporary architecture, an environment of excellence. Our ambition is to bring together in one building varied functions. Thus, the new equipment will house a large reception, offices, an educational area,a clinical area exploited by the NHC with a direct connection with the latter, an area for research and development, and finally, an experimental space in conjunction with IRCAD. The building is affirmed in its environment through its dynamic form: it wraps and rises, it is not fixed as the activities that take place. The Vegetation on the facade and roof refers to the organic, the lushness of nature and life, while the iridescent metal facade echoes the mastery of knowledge and high technology of the Institute.

An organization fulfilling two requirements: modularity and uniqueness. The project's modularity allows great flexibility of the institute spaces, enabling to respond to the users needs and technological developments to incorporate the latest equipment. The uniqueness of the institute is expressed in a bounding volume. Although organized by areas, the building is wrapped by a single envelope ; The green facade and roof unifies the building, while inside an atrium creates a link between the floors, gathering the different sectors of the Institute into one strong entity.

Product Spec Sheet

Product Spec Sheet
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