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I hope you find the reason for my email very well is to introduce you to the “Interstellar” project by Almazán y Arquitectos Asociados + Concepto Taller de Arquitectura + Pin Studio Based on the movie "Interstellar" the proposal is inspired to develop a space where the diner enjoyed an experience outside this world. The main objective was to convert the void into content, intertwining time and space in order to create a visually spectacular environment and abstractly. In the lobby a bookcase and books that float on the ceiling receive users so that through more than 250 thousand lights, designed and placed correctly allow users to feel in another dimension. The contrast is the mirror tables that allow the diner to feel reflected in “the starry sky”. The ephemeral restaurant is located within Millesime Mexico 2019, after 8 editions, it is the first time in which 3 offices collaborate to design only one of the restaurants.

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