Gábor Somoskői

Team: Florian Gabriel, Maelys Garreau, Petró Panna, Burista Emese, Jambrik Máté, Bíró Bianka, Mercedes Palacio

The project is an introduction to the concept of settling: it marks the event of an arrival. It becomes a reference point when you place down your travelling kit and pick up what you will need. Placed by the entrance on the edge of Csóromfölde. It awaits you as a membrane to pass through both ways, leaving one world with its gadgets behind and gearing up for the adventures to come. You come home to stay, play, work, eat, think, party - to be. Here you will find all you need in one extensible ‘light’, box-like object: the firewood, stones for the fireplace, a saw, a cleaver, a tub, the ladder, a bicycle etc. All are recognisable accessories that inseparably belong to us and once put together will form an inextricable part of the beginning of our story. Inventory is supposed to be an object of identification just like the inventory in Moonrise Kingdom of Wes Anderson. It models the ritual of an arrival and departure through mundane, though very iconic material proofs.

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161, East End Addition
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161, East End Addition

Private Houses
Toronto, ON, Canada - Build completed in 2019
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