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Is Molas Golf Resort and Hotel

Is Molas Golf Resort and Hotel

Studio Fuksas
Pula, Metropolitan City of Cagliari, Sardinia, Italy | View Map
Project Year
Is Molas
Product Spec Sheet

ElementBrandProduct Name
FurnitureBaxter Srl
Dolly Sofa
Dolly Armchair
Dolly Baby Chair
LightingSLAMP S.p.A.
Half Charlotte Suspension

Product Spec Sheet
Dolly Baby Chair, Dolly Armchair, Dolly Sofa by Baxter Srl
Half Charlotte Suspension by SLAMP S.p.A.
by Moroso
by Mortex
by Venini

Is Molas Golf Resort and Hotel

Studio Fuksas as Architects

The project for the new Is Molas Resort complex as a development of the existing Golf Club, includes the construction of three golf courses, two five-star hotels, a series of villas, a Spa and a club house.


The typology identified for the intervention in the complex, from the large scale of the masterplan up to the small scale of the residence, to the most representative building, the Club House, is a type of progressive aggregation of nuclei.  The reference is to the fragments and to the archaeological memories of the nuragic settlements.


The deluxe hotel, placed on the visual axis directed to the archaeological area of Nora, shapes the whole intervention.  The entrance to the building is composed by a long path, a larch wood walkway over a pool. On the left side, towards the imposing entrance hall, the main restaurant with a large outdoor terrace is placed, while on the right a terrace with the swimming pool; a system of folding glass windows completely openable and transparent allows the complete fusion of the spaces when needed. The hall, at the end of the path, is a space that opens to the horizon and leads, through paths that wind through lush gardens of water and Mediterranean vegetation, to the 80 rooms distributed on two opposite sides.


Located in the upstream area of the hotel, at a higher altitude, the residences are composed as small villas with common green spaces. The villas are designed with natural origin materials of and local production. The treatment of the surfaces has been conceived with the aim of making them as comparable as possible with the surrounding lands and stones, through "rough" plasters, natural pigments and coverings in stone slabs and local stone bollards that recall the typicality of the Nuragic architecture. 


The progressive "naturalization" of the project finds its maximum expression in the area that houses the Spa - Hotel Suite; here the axiality pursued in the central hotel is disjointed to follow the slope of the land and open to the view of the golf courses. In the core of the Spa a particular game of skylights on the vaulted roofs allows to collect the natural light and create an atmosphere full of chiaroscuro. The Hotel Suite pursues the same expressive research in the common areas as the nearby Spa. The building is immediately disjointed as it follows the slope of the land, which is here more emphasized. The rooms, on two levels,open in a fan-shaped layout.


Material Used:

1. Facade finishing- Tadelakt, CoccioPesto

2. Interior wall finishing- Tadelakt, CoccioPesto

3. Interior Flooring- Mortex, Glazed tiles

4. Interior lighting- Slamp, Venini

5. Interior furniture- Baxter, Moroso, Venini

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