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Japangarten seminar

Japangarten seminar

KOKENIWA | Japanische Gartengestaltung
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Japangarten seminar

KOKENIWA | Japanische Gartengestaltung as Architects

KOKENIWA JapanischeGartengestaltung was founded in 2013 by landscape architect Heiko Voss.

KOKENIWA developed and designed with a network of colleagues and partners private gardens as well as corporate and hotel area in the japanese style.

In addition to the planning and design of gardens in Japanese style Heiko Voss accompanied as co-leader seminars for design of gardens in japanese style using the japanese garden philosophy.

In the workshops a special accent is the learning by doing, besides the sound theory. The seminars are organizes in ZEN monastery in Castle Eickhof in Liebenau (Germany - Lower Saxony).

In addition to the declaration of basic principles of design of japanese gardens, the selection and the use of plants, the participants create a garden area under competent guidance of Dr. Wolfgang Hess (Japan Garden Culture) and Heiko Voss (KOKENIWA).

To design a japanese garden belongs also a basic knowledge about ZEN and the japanese mentality. Therefore, for those interested are offered on the seminar days introductions and exercises in ZEN.

Contents of the theory and practice can include:

• Aesthetics and harmony in Japanese garden • Design of pond banks, creeks and waterfalls • Design of garden paths and gravel surfaces • Shaping of Bonsai (Niwaki) and bushes (Karikomi) • Design of miniature landscapes • Propagating and care of ground cover and moss • Stone settings - selection and harmonious division • Technology in ponds and in the garden, irrigation systems and lighting

Information about the seminar in Oktober 2015:

It was a dry landscape garden created. The photos shows the result of the seminar about Japanese garden design on 8-10.11.2015 in Zen monastery Liebenau. All participants were again highly motivated and interested. The hills, previously coated with special concrete, are covered with moss, and the area in front of it with granite gravel.

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