Japs! cucina giapponese – De Gasperi

Japs! cucina giapponese – De Gasperi

Turin, Metropolitan City of Turin, Italy
Project Year

The two souls in Japs!

lamatilde as Interior design

Opposites rule: light and darkness create an ideal separation, so the same space can serve the two souls in Japs! – fast and slow. This was a 360° project that went from interior decor to branding, connecting every aspect: for example, the decorative motif in the logo became a graphic and architectural element, in a relationship of perfect symmetry between image and architecture. Now each Japs! restaurant offers a different Japanese specialty, effectively connoting the chain’s different venues and sparking clients’ curiosity.

Japs! – De Gasperi makes the separation between opposites extremely sharp with all light elements aligned on the same side. Furthermore, making the counter light stone, framed in iron, makes its volume appear lighter and amplifies the perception of space. Finally, creating very collected spaces – such as the roofed niches with tall tables and stools – make the restaurant feel cozier and more welcoming.


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