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The renovation of this historical costume makeover studio in Arashiyama, Kyoto, has been completed.A 40 year old building that seemed like a traditional old house has been renovated to a modern shop

There was a need for us to find a design solution that took into account the localism and landscape features of Arashiyama, Kyoto.Not many buildings consider the landscape that they inhabit. Even though there are limitations to the form and finishes of buildings due to landscape regulations around this area. The buildings that have generic tourists attraction features, historical architecture and a traditional Kyoto town houses create a miscellaneous town.It’s like a patchwork quilt.

We wanted to put into practice the real aim of the town’s regulatory control of the landscape.The legislation is in place, but exists as part of the city's patchwork pieces, one end of the landscape where this position is tried has created intentional streets, buildings and interior spaces.

In accordance with this legislation, we approached it directly, and while it existing as one part of the city’s patchwork pieces, with the consideration of the landscape; we have attempted to position the buildings and interior spaces responsibly within the streets and townscape.

In addition, the kimono is another theme that is made of two-dimensional pieces created with fabric.When a Kimono is on a hanger, the pattern of a Kimono looks more elegant and beautiful.

A kimono is composed of several pieces of cloth and each pattern has its own characteristic, but when it is combined together, a cohesive whole is created.We considered expressing the state of joining a space and material like a patchwork of joining kimono’s cloth.With this aim, we have approached the programs exterior and interior design.

Space like a patchwork

This building is located around JR line.Affected by the widening of the railroad line on the south side, the wall has retreated, just this side had been blown smooth surface of ricin. The entrance attached to the facade was also recessed in unnatural places, this could be because of the retreated wall.

Some rooms also have a Japanese-style alcove in the internal space.Also, there was an exposed ceilings, underlying floor and walls. It seemed like the entire building was used in a defective condition.

Rather than changing the state of this building that had been modified without any clear aim or sense of purpose, to make it together in one design, we have brought patchwork-like spaces similar to Arashiyama into this building with the intention of showing variety of expressions.One of the buildings facades was like a traditional Japanese house, however a part that had been modified was a totally different thing altogether.

Thus, we go along with the regulation of the exterior. The south side is covered with vertical grating. To make adjustments to keep the flavor of the traditional old house, we have covered the entrance that is sticking out with a wooden fence. Also we made one part of the facade to be glass to allow inside view from street. A special program which is a historical costume makeover studio, itself became one of the city’s patchwork as well.

Conjunction with spacial and program

Internal planning was decided logically from such a program tailored to the size and flow line of the space.The waiting room is a typical Japanese-style, Veneer was used to be able to wait with sitting on the chair.

The space for makeup is adjacent to a dressing room and this place is the first place for you to have the changing experience.This place is where you have makeup applied and wear wigs. On the back of your dresser, you have a wig display and also through the studio you can view the street. 

The space for fitting the kimono has room for kimono storage, it is connected with the shooting studio through the curtain. Each space has a variety of finishes.Likewise while the customer is having their makeover, they change the place with a purpose. So that we wanted people to experience same thing with the space itself.

In conjunction with the spacial and program, it will change the look of space with its own transformations.Also be involved in the space through these installation, it is hoped you have a sense of yourself as a part of the patchwork of Arashiyama.

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