Jingshan School Library Renovation

Jingshan School Library Renovation

Hui-Yin Design & Research
no.53 Dengshikou Street, Dongcheng District, Beijing, China
Project Year
Wei Qi Jin

Garden Of Books | Jingshan School Library Renovation

Hui-Yin Design & Research as Architects

The library located inside the main building of the school, formerly served the high school students without natural ventilation and lighting. The main entrance was compressed to 2 meters in height due to the floor settlement above,thus it barely drew any attention.


The library still remained with its original 3 level layout from 90’s: over-crammed bookcases, poor lighting and service, lack of reading area. Such dated conditions distanced many precious books from public exposure.


Converting the 1200 m2 of three levels into 800 m2 of two levels. The existing 3 level space was reintroduced as 2 floors with higher, more experiential ceiling heights. The upper level serves as an open reading area for students to read, meet and interact, while the lower level functions as the main book archive space.this reduction in area succeeded to optimize the quality of the new public space for communication and activities.


At the main entrance, existing walls were demolished, a new wide curved glass wall was installed to blur the boundary between inside and outside.  Lighting in this area is also enhanced by a project light arrows which navigates students to the library.


The open reading area is divided into sections by curved bookcases which are arranged lower in the center, and enclosed around the sides to maximize visual connectivity. With the new different floor levels, a reading area, just like a garden of rich spatial hierarchy had been built.


To improve the lighting conditions, we created a new coffered ceiling system which provides adequate depth for all the hvac and previous exposed structure to be hidden.the recessed lit ceiling units used the color temperature closest enough toresembles natural skylight, also extended visual effects had been created. For the ventilation, a new system had been introduced in to accurately control the air flow required for any potential situation. Thepm2.5 filter ensures the purity of the air in the library in any weather.


Upon the completion of this renovation, all the needs for book stocking and services were met, additionally lectures, presentations, discussions, and after school activitieswere brought in to create a multi-functional modern open learning space.


As a part of an old campus renovation, this library has become an up-to-date engine embedded in a long-lived campus space, motivates vitality in this traditional building from inside to embrace the constantly evolving future.


Material Used:

1. Dulux/new a8106

2. Lg hausya floors/multi

Project team
Product Specifications
DuluxDuluxNew A8106
LG Hausys, LtdLG Hausys, LtdMulti
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