JM0 open-space - transformation of a warehouse in offices/open space

JM0 open-space - transformation of a warehouse in offices/open space

6 rue Jean Martin, Saint Ouen (93), France - Build completed in 2015
Clement Guillaume

JM0 open-space - transformation of a warehouse in offices/open space

FUSO | Atelier d'architectures as Architects

Located in the outskirts near Paris, the conversion of this 1800m2 former storage facility completes a long term reflection with management and users on the complete redevelopment of the premises allowing the company to welcome its subsidiaries on a site location strategically situated nearby the historic head office.

The transformation of a warehouse in offices immediately raises the question of natural lighting and thermal comfort. We considered the size of the volume (60m x 30m x 4.3m) and the scarcity of façade openings as so many positive constraints to structure the project in two main interventions: creating closed spaces using prefabricated timberand opening two exterior patios.

Favoring a playful and warm atmosphere, offices and meeting rooms are made of structural wooden panels. Prefabrication through digital machining of these elements enabled rapid implementation on site without the need for lifting equipment.

Acoustically treated, they structure the space without partitioning itin order to let natural light into the depth of the volume and answer technical constraints: networks, smoke control and free cooling.

Cutfrom the mass of the volume of the old storage room, the patios provide controlled natural light. Blurring the frontier between outdoor and indoorspaces, they offer aframing of the sky and highlight the depth and intimacy between open office spaces.

Project team
Curtain wall systems
Rubber floor
Acoustic panels
Cross laminated Timber/load-bearing wall
Product Specifications
AGROP - NOVATOPCross laminated Timber/load-bearing wall
FORMA5 / BISLEYOffice Furniture
noranoraRubber floor
SCHÜCOSCHÜCOCurtain wall systems
TexaaTexaaAcoustic panels
ZVE Fraunhofer Institute
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Stuttgart, Germany - Build completed in 2006
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