Johann Lafer Culinary School

Johann Lafer Culinary School

Guldental, Germany

Cooking, savouring and technology in perfect harmony

Gira as Manufacturers

Celebrity chef Johann Lafer defines the current standards for cooking, savouring – and technology. His culinary school is a unique forum for culinary culture and way of life. As part of this, the concept is in no way limited to exquisite ingredients and refined recipes. Instead, it combines enjoyment, design, light, entertainment electronics and modern building control to an atmosphere of well-being for all the senses.

For Johann Lafer, a perfect kitchen must include state-of-the-art technology, multimedia, automation and lighting. Therefore, he equipped his culinary school with the best equipment the high-tech market had to offer. Gira was responsible for the complex building technology, and the multiroom system was installed by the audio specialist Revox.

Cooking and dining areas are fascinating worlds of experience in which the professionals from CIBEK integrated elaborate lighting and audio technology as well as state-of-the-art building control. Everything is controlled via the Gira HomeServer, where all the information converges. It switches, controls, regulates and corrects, it contains numerous pre-programmed scenes which can be called up as needed.

For example, lighting moods: With background illumination comprised of colour LEDs, Johann Lafer is able to make various situations an intensive experience for his guests for each course of a meal. On a large screen, Johann Lafer can also show films, call up recipes, illustrate menu sequences or surf the Internet. Heating and ventilation are also integrated in the building technology and are controlled according to a schedule. This saves energy and ultimately conserves the environment.

Music can be played in previously defined sound zones using the Revox system. Voice control also works via the Revox system. Johann Lafer's tips are always easy to hear using mobile microphones and 14 Revox loudspeakers, even for those who are not standing directly. next to him.

Various high-definition cameras make it possible for Johann Lafer to film his guest professionally so they can later enjoy each cooking course again and again on DVD. But his guests don't notice the filming because the complex technology is practically invisible. It is controlled via the Gira HomeServer, too. For example, at the press of a button Johann Lafer can aim all of the cameras at the location where cooking is taking place. The lighting and sound are pre-programmed to follow accordingly. Johann Lafer can centrally control the entire culinary school using touch displays or push button sensors in the Gira E22 switch range. It is always possible to expand the modern KNX system, new functions can be easily added with programming.

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