Jose Vasconcelos Library

Jose Vasconcelos Library

TAX Arquitectura
Mexico City, Mexico
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Jose Vasconcelos Library

TAX Arquitectura as Architects

The idea consists in the creation of an ark, bearer of the human knowledge, which is immersed in a lush botanical garden. In this way, a single creaked, of 35 meters in width, extends along three modules of 82 meters each. Throughout the length of this squeaky runs a thorn that covers the total height of the building, and in which is housed, as an independent structure, a large bookseller able to contain more of the million and a half books required by the program. At the sides of the spine center is available to the reading rooms in generous spaces that have direct contact with the surrounding garden, are equipped with a system of blinds that allows you to fully control the incidence of the sun's rays (which in addition will be filtered by the abundant vegetation.) The general illumination of the complex there is ensured by means of a series of windows located on the upper deck and willing saw-tooth and toward the north. The large sections of the acquis are clearly differentiated by the classic themes in that a library is divided. Its provision allows a quick and easy reading of the distribution by the users.

In addition to this main structure, there are three bodies annexs that are integrated into the garden within which one covers the needs of office (at the north - west), another of the library (south west) and finally in the end the north auditorium.

If we consider the building as a great organism, the structure would be its skeleton and the bookseller would then be the marrow that gives it order and direction. The day-to-day operation of the library happens between direct contact with the books and the immediate experience of the garden.

A lower level hosts with maximum efficiency, to the parking. The first level distributes to the user through a processional public space, like a path that passes through different levels, allows access to the various parts of the library. The entrance to the building is carried out through a square which is situated in front of the Station of Buenavista. A portico allows the step to a wide space in which you can install various types of exhibitions, and serves as general lobby. From there, find out about the great processional perspective that makes up the spine of the building, you might think that, in this way, the library is delivered in a way too frank to the visitor and however, the changing quality of the lights and the variable disposition to the bookseller cause sensations at every time.

The large bookcase consists of an independent structure, suspended by the frames of the cover, and is built with steel and glass that has the ability to grow or adapt to the needs of the bedrocks of the different areas, and lets you be toured in sense both horizontal and vertical.

On the bow of the great ark is located the auditorium, with capacity for 500 people. On this is the casual reading area and a terrace communicated with the garden that is the top of the central route. The administrative offices and the corresponding to other areas are located in two modules: one that can be accessed through the spine and other central located, as another, separate structure, in the old industrial building which is located at the bottom of the field.

The garden is omnipresent, and in its general conformation is composed of two main slopes -worked at various levels - which give shelter and framework to the library. This garden also works as a great noise absorber from the immediate context. It can be freely traveled by the users. As well, it is intended to expand the traditional way libraries function. The garden is defined as a conducive space to chat or for reflection. At the back of the field, in the old industrial building to be reused, it is housed, in addition to the offices mentioned, a large greenhouse that provides the framework for the coffee shop. The turbines at the emergency plant of the metro station have been wrapped with a structure that mitigates the noise and blends harmoniously with garden and building. In this way, what was an accident in the field becomes another element of the composition.

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