Joyeria D

Joyeria D

Vaillo + Irigaray

Juan L. Irigaray Huarta

Antonio Vaillo
Pamplona, Spain
Project Year
Jose M. Cutillas

Joyeria D

Vaillo + Irigaray as Architects

The project intends to create an atmosphere –and, therefore, a universe- (not a shop) in these little premises of 30 square meters in the city center, whose rectangular, deep and narrow geometry has to contain the elements of a jewelry…

… the project accounts for a small black hole within the urban magma…

… the project again takes up the archaic magical conception that surrounds the universe of the jewel, of the valuable, of the unique and the odd... It proposes -against the usual crowded shops filled with jewelry- a wrapping and to achieve valuable pieces are displayed, as unique, exclusive… To achieve this, an atmosphere is created which is mysterious, strange..., hollow, weightless, while oriental and baroque

... It is originated through a geometry that encloses like a chest or a jewellery box, able to house the content with the delicacy and mystery that a valuable, unique piece demands.

… the access to this space and the search for the valuable object are intended to become a magical and attractive tour… once trespassed the mysterious jeweler’s threshold… -it is not going shopping for jewels… ¿…?- on the one hand, the access to a solemn act: the rite of seeking an unknown small hidden treasure ¡…!; on the other hand, to cross the line that leads to the mysterious and magical…

... (there are some theatrical resonances... The diverse treatments of the vault are reminiscent of those dark curtains... The stage lighting that only accentuates)

Geometry: the box is formed through the union of two opposed extruded sections: the upper one is dark, matt, light and vibrating… the lower one is silver, bright, heavy and rigid.

The dark one is generated by means of an asymmetric inverted u, which generates a section in the fashion of a vault… thus, forming the ceiling and the sides –asymmetrically-: it proposes a reading of a pleated dark curtain which is mysteriously folded…

… the other dihedron shapes the floor and the side furniture behind the central counter, while forming a lying l… it is generated like a worn folded surface, bright, deep… … a floating counter –almost on the axis- is the only object in the box… its design recalls archaic objects –chests, altars…- full of inscriptions… in this case the inscriptions can be read with the hand, they are tactile –braille- and provide the key to understand the world of goldsmithing and alchemy which are linked to this place…

…building: the floor consisting of thick metal plates: aluminium smelting, with a big quartering (100x60) whose laborious working process, to obtain differently smelt pieces –continuous stains and a single general pattern- through casts which provide different textures, resulting thus in having all the pieces different from each other, it also means becoming full of that wanted atmosphere, both in the outcome and in the process… closer to alchemy than to the usual constructive systems.

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