Architect Show co.,Ltd
Miyakonojo, Japan
Project Year
Toshihisa Ishii

[The House of Light and Woods]

Architect Show co.,Ltd as Architects

The client’s brief is the renovation of the old plain building; because of the building have been deteriorating, and the family feels so cold at winter due to building had been constructed by concrete. The existed building that had be composed by concrete color could be felt lonely and narrow; therefore, I aimed that the family could physically and sensuously feel warm at the house by wood finishes that have a good thermal insulation.

First, at the entrance, I designed the big space with light by using the atriums and the concrete’s goodness.

Then, I remove the some walls and a few rooms to design the large living – dining area; also I arranged the big windows that family can see beautiful garden. And at night, there is rhythmic sense by the consecutive indirect light and the living – dining is covered by warm light. Furthermore, the client can open the party with many guests in the balcony that is laid out the tiles and is produced a sense of south islands.

And then, the bath room is made sure of private by this house’s walls, so I designed the big windows; moreover, there is the light interpretation by the timber louvers and the ground light.

Finally, I wish that the client’s family live comfortable with a new feeling by the house that is coped with both design and function.

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