kalina SPA and resort hotel

kalina SPA and resort hotel

Pakem, Indonesia
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kalina spa and resort hotel

NdH Architect as Manufacturers

the simplicity of design in the theme dialog with web and application aspects of the locality. this simplicity is interpreted as an adaptation of a majesty of the value of local traditions that surround the scope of community supporters. articulation design on this project is a collaboration between the formation of traditional Javanese house which refers to the value of the philosophy of life and philosophy of the Javanese traditional house. in the life of society and lifestyle modernity began to leave the traditional architectural style. then, in this project we re-dig the simplicity of traditional Javanese architectural style shape with innovative use of materials mostly used wood, stone which is located around the site and bamboo as the main support structure for each building, bamboo material stone funds so easily found here so the environmentally friendly aspects and efficiency on the project design rationale.

location site Location site are the sub urban of Yogyakarta. site is located on the slopes of Mount Merapi, and is located in the sambi village. the condition of the site has a lot of potential micro-physical environment. contour pattern, cool atmosphere and as a water catchment area. the flow of the river that divides the site also adds to the uniqueness of the site. condition is then processed into a fortune in the design of this project, rivers and contours can not be eliminated in order to maximize a future direction of orientation of the building and its visual vista.

Innovation and adaptation to local values The use of bamboo materials and scrap wood as the main structure of the building buttresses on each unit. besides the bamboo material is also used as wall and ceiling, because this material is a material that is practical, economical and artistic. the process of making patterned woven bamboo and bamboo planks in this project by involving elements of the local craftsmen, the course will provide a positive and significant impact on the local bamboo craftsmen. woven motifs on the walls and ceiling along with bamboo planks on the wall function arranged with regular composition to remain functional flow air circulation, so that the cross-ventilation system to function optimally. the use of bamboo and bamboo planks as the building shell can also add aesthetic value to the building facade. the use of natural stone and stone processing as the basic elements forming the natural character on the exterior and interior. preparation of sandstone pattern on the facade adoption of clothing batik motive as adaptation of local values, in order to provide a unique identity on the facade of this building.

The concept of philosophy Contextuality macro concept in this project are: refers to the concept of the imaginary axis line pattern north and south as the transformation of space forming the city of Yogyakarta as a whole. north-south position is also one of the methods to minimize the heat of sunlight from the west. location of the position facing each other pavilions symbolically means that there is a synergistic harmony in social relationships among community supporters. Contextuality micro concept on this project can be found at: adaptation of the traditional architecture of the house java formation that forms the roof of the village. This election is the basis of the dominant contextual and repetitive, so that its presence can not be separated and memorable blend of the micro environment. village roof with wide eaves to be an asset for tropical architecture. this is because the contextual to the local climate response. formation of our pavilion stacking position facing each other and somewhat elevated tersususn adjust to the contours of the land, it is in the mean as the symbolic meaning of the teachings of morality that in view of the life of Java, that are older in attitude and behavior should be role models younger generation. whereas for the position of the terrace in front of each unit of the building is a symbol of respect for the guests and also serves as a transition space before entering into the next room. terrace as well as a visual interaction space and scenery in and out of the site. formation of the building roof terraces arranged as a symbol of the mountain. where the mountain as a symbol of purity and perfection reflection. cavity position on the roof terraces are also maximized as cross ventilation system. while the sequence space in each building is made based on the proportion of human scale, even though the roof terrace in the design rather relatively low, it is intended as a symbol of respect for ethical or form micro and macrocosmos.

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