Sapporo, Japan
Project Year
Satoru Umetsu/ Nacasa&Partners

KAYU-SANTIN / Yum cha restaurant in Japan

Doyle Collection as Interior Architects

KAYU-SANTIN is a Chinese restaurant offering healthy organic food. This restaurant serves one of the major Chinese dishes called “Okayu”. It mainly targets to young women generations that give big influence in food trends. So, we made the furniture custom-designed, by rounding off the corners of the tables in order to give soft impression. And for the chairs, we paid extra consideration to comfort and the size of the seats. Since one third of the compartment is 500mm high, we inverted lower and upper floors’ color scheme to make good balance in design. To be more precise, as for the upper floor, we made the ceiling black, and used impressive graphics and book rails on the wall surface. By making displays as a design, people will pay less attention to the low ceiling. On the other hand, as for the lower floor, we made the wooden floor dark, and used light colors for the walls and ceiling. To emphasize the tallness of the ceiling, we hung pendant luminaire. Furthermore, in the open kitchen and counter seats, glass-tile-walls give clean impression and individualize the shop. We displayed five grain rice known as health food at the top of the opening. This space will visually express the concept of the shop.

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