Keqiao Urban Ballet Shaoxing

Keqiao Urban Ballet Shaoxing

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Shaoxing, China



New City district for residences, community and commercial functions

KCAP as Urban Planners

'Keqiao Urban Ballet' presents KCAP’s masterplan for a 45 ha site in Shaoxing. The area, which is currently occupied by redundant textile industry and residences, will be redeveloped for residential use with community functions and sport and commercial facilities in a landscaped setting of waterlands, parks and gardens.

Keqiao is the major development area of Zhejiang province, occupying a strategic location between Shaoxing, a city of 3 million inhabitants, and Hangzhou, close to Xiaoshan airport and along the highway to larger local cities and further to Shanghai. With its unique landscape of lakes, canals and rocks it forms a setting of scenic beauty. The area will become a recreational centre and will give new development impulses for the entire region.

The masterplan introduces a landscape framework formed by different conditions found on the site such as the two lakes with their waterfronts, the canal and road system, the green spaces and the bridges. Enriched with carefully designed elements like public squares, parks, roads and paths a continuous landscape fabric is established which ties the entire development together.

Two centres and different residential quarters, offering maximum views to the lakes and landscape features, are embedded in this fabric.

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