Kids Area 'Haus Hirt'

Kids Area 'Haus Hirt'

Nomad (Jutta Werner)
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Interior Concept Kids Area 'Haus Hirt'

Nomad (Jutta Werner) as Architects

A Holistic Design Approach: Welcome to the World of Nomad.

The new children’s area at Alpinhotel Haus Hirt is special indeed: it is based on a holistic design concept. Perfectly thought through, down to the smallest detail, from intuitive use to curated designer luminaires. Nomad, the interdisciplinary design agency headed by Jutta Werner, is responsible for this project: defi ned by the aesthetics of simplicity, but with a feel for the special. All over the world, Nomad brings creative vision to projects and shapes brands. One of these projects is located in the Austrian Alps. But, let’s start from the beginning.

Interdisciplinary work and aesthetic consistency are both part of Nomad’s brand characteristics: through curation of the most diverse projects, the creative team is able to approach work from a multitude of perspectives. Photo shootings, as well as styling and textile design, for example for Dedon, are part of the team’s conceptual work. This also includes the curation of collections, among others for Schlaraffi a, or the development of complete trade fair exhibitions and pop-up stores, for example for JAB Anstoetz. Whether impressive or deliberately subtle, installations and designs from Nomad respond intuitively to a given situation.

But: Nomad is even more, can do more and strives for more. Product development by Nomad is driven by curiosity and a spirit of exploration. For renowned manufacturers – for example, the charming Wall Jewellery_01 wall mirror for Ligne Roset – and for products published under the Nomad label. The fi rst one, the rug nomad_01 (2019 German Design Award winner), has a unique story to tell. This range of rugs combines glittering strings made of recycled candy wrapper – which Jutta discovered during a trip to the Himalayas – with pure wool. The result is a dynamic interplay of shimmering contrasts and light refl ections – as unique as Nomad’s design idiom. Rug ‚nomad_01‘ is now available in seven new colours - from timeless basics to powerful fashion colours.

In addition to curation and product design, interior design is another one of Nomad’s passions. The complete redesign of the children’s area at Haus Hirt is a prime example that illustrates Nomad’s holistic approach: each project begins with immersion – into new environments, applications and perspectives. Nomad forms projects with a holistic view, with curiosity and ease. Characterised by seemingly effortless elegance and subtlety, structured by a clear language of form and always with a touch of intuitive warmth. A modern nomad herself, Jutta’s experience in design and craft fl ows into her work; as a creative, she reduces the multitude of impressions to their essence.

When working on projects, Nomad immerses itself in the respective brand identity – without neglecting its own impulses. This was also the case when redesigning the kids’ area of the Austrian Haus Hirt. The idea: the children’s area as a ‘house within the house’, as a central hub, the centre of activity. With a great feel for the moods of children, Nomad has created a palace for play and retreat. A large community table forms the centre, replacing the former individual tables to avoid separation and group forming. The main room is conceived as a community room and also includes a play corner for toddlers. Supporting recognition and safety, there’s not a great deal of fl exibility here, as opposed to the action room fi tted with sound insulation: this is the space for romping around. The kid’s club’s centrepiece is the table football, installed in an open-plan layout behind tinted glass to arouse curiosity.

Nomad has created specifi c purposes for each part of the space without forcing particular functions onto the kids or putting too much stuff in the different areas. New structures have been created with great sensitivity, and situations that used to be infl exible have been transformed. For Nomad, durability and meaning in combination with aesthetics and a great feel for the space take priority when selecting materials and products. Using high-end materials in a sensible way is important. The projects designed by Nomad are characterised by a wonderful harmony, designed at the highest level and unmistakable in style. In short: unique – just like the rugs made with glittering candy wrapper.

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