London, United Kingdom
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Nathan Gallagher


superfusionlab as Architects

The design for the flat followed a set of rules to understand the spatial implications governed by the structure of the existing building. The original layout was cut into many small rooms joined with a long, branching hallway. The structural fabric of the flat dictated certain restrictions over the new design, but gave us the opportunity to remove many of the barriers limiting the social activity within. The reconfigured plan adjusts the angles of the walls to make direct connections between the entry, kitchen, living and dining areas and provides privacy to the areas of the flat used for bedrooms and bathrooms.

The columns and beams formulate a strategy to reconfigure the ceilings and walls. They are the reference control lines where the folds occur across the new ceiling planes. These folds are subtle and sometimes only visible when light casts across them, but are used to take the ceiling from the lower heights of the beams to the underside of the existing slab of the floor above. In places the large ceiling planes are cut to expose light in order to create distinct areas within the open plan living/dining area. The same folds and creases separate the kitchen from the living areas, in this area the folds act at a lower level where the kitchen worktop disappears into the fold of the walls.

Materially, each surface designates a change in plane and space. This is most evident in the bathrooms where colour and texture dominate the organization of the rooms.

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