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The dogmas of the inert past are inadequate for the present storm - Abraham Lincoln

In the words of Sir. Ken Robinson, must move from a model of education essentially industrial and manufacturing based on the linearity in conformity and group of persons, a model that is based more on principles of agriculture. We have to recognize that human flourishing is not a mechanical process, but an organic process. Also says the prominent educator who the contemporary model of education is to educate the people to abandon at a young age their creative abilities.

When a child enters school works with many colors and materials, when she is attending the last year of high school only remain a couple of books and a black pen. Where was otherwise it? in that time lost the ability to be creative? When the line broke?

A linearepresenta the form of expression more simple and pure, but also the more dynamic and varied. The line (at the time) represents our life, every step, we can never see it forward, we can only imagine.

This school is a line. A line that for each child will be a story of life, children continue to this line when you change dimension developing in wall and when this wall runs a sense becomes space. Spaces take you on this journey of life, never you encajonanni you enclose, rather protect you and teach you the way.

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Zerrenner Foundation School Unit
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Zerrenner Foundation School Unit

Sete Lagoas, Brazil - Build completed in 2016
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