Kostarelos New Concept Store – Greek Delicatessen

Kostarelos New Concept Store – Greek Delicatessen

Stirixis Exclusive
Attica, Greece

Konstantinos Kontos

Kostarelos New Concept Store – An Exciting Greek Delicatessen Experience!

Stirixis Exclusive as Architects

An Authentic Greek Delicatessen Experience by Stirixis Group!

At the six “Kostarelos Greek Delicacies” stores in Attica, Greece, one can find the exceptional cheese and dairy goods they produce over three generations, as well as a wide variety of quality products they select from other small Greek artisan producers. This new store in Kolonaki, Athens, designed by Stirixis Group, isanelevationof the retail chain to a distinctive Greek Delicatessenthat combines the shopping of Greek delicacies with enjoying in thesit-in area special dishes, curated by the renowned Greek chef ChryssanthosKaramolegkos.

The main concept objective was to create a welcoming and everyday store experience, where one can be introduced to the pleasures of authentic Greek flavors. Most importantly, this new concept will be the basis for the company’s next steps towards its further development, in Greece and abroad, with both owned and franchised stores. The initial markets of interest for their development are Europe, GCC and USA.

Stirixis’ design team created a beautiful cozy environment of unique style with details that highlight the company’s values and heritage. The stunning wall covered with wooden pieces of the actual beech barrels that the company uses for the cheese aging in their factory, the big pendant lights that resemble the metal hoops of those barrels, and the floor tiles that make a strong reference to the Greek color palette. Anew pattern for the food areawas also composed, formed by icons that remind of cheese, cold cuts, wheat, plate and the plaid of traditional Greek tablecloths. The whole synthesis and the way it is applied in the store and branding applications looks like it is embroidered rather than graphically designed.

Truly supporting its holistic approach, Stirixis Group offered,besides the architectural and branding design of the new store, a wide set of services for the overall development of the brand, such as the concept’s and communications strategy,the customer experience design, and the operational strategy.

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