Koukaki Pharmacy

Koukaki Pharmacy

KLAB architecture (kinetic lab of architecture)
Athens, Greece
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Klab Architecture

Koukaki Pharmacy

KLAB architecture (kinetic lab of architecture) as Architects

In one of the oldest neighborhoods of Athens close to the new Acropolis museum KLab architects were commissioned to create a new pharmacy-cosmetics store on the ground floor of an apartment building. Our approach was to create a context within the certain context that existed. The scenario of a pharmacy come out of nature contributed to the idea that nature coexists with technology innovation to create pharmaceutical and cosmetic products. As response to that we exposed a tech-nature environment a lab within the nature within the city.

Branches as a dislocated shadow phenomenon of the adjacent trees create and protect the façade and the products from the heat and the sun. Like trees holding the old apartment building, disassociate the urban typology to create an eye catching façade.

In the interior emphasis was given to the ceiling and to the exposed concrete columns that represent the forest. The reception desk follows the concept and becomes the center of the store. Perspex and white lacquered shelves designed by Klab create a unique display atmosphere. A metallic stair leads to the lower level a lab area where prescriptions are been produced and an office space. Alternatively the area can be used for seminars and larger items display space. The stairs wall is being engraved with plaster and lighting creating plant morphing shapes.

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