KüBox - Rooftop Customization sauce Neukölln

KüBox - Rooftop Customization sauce Neukölln

Neukölln, Germany
Project Year
Product Spec Sheet
KüBox wood joinerFlorian Glassel
Electrical installationHenry Reiher
PainterIslam Ozturk
ParquetKrupper and Schafer
masonMario Padobrin
sanitary installationPinguin

KüBox - Rooftop Customization sauce Neukölln

DoYouSpace as Architects

Cuisine Berlinoise, sauce Neukölln Once a typical apartment renovated in the 90s, fragmented and banal. Tasteless. The KüBox concentrates all everyday functions in a single volume. It replaces the culinary delight at the heart of well-being. Recipe: – Season the space by opening new associations. – Give the daily basic ingredients more room. – Butter beforehand to sprinkle cement tiles. – Stuff the woody envelope with a chocolate heart. Surprise effect guaranteed. – Grate the zest of bricks for a rustic touch. – Put aside an additional portion for a happy guest or event. – Dessert, spoon the bathroom with a delicate sauce. DoYouSpace transformed the concepts of starred chefs Aude Soulain and ZweiDrei into accessible reality. Chapeau to the cooks who with their saws and trowels were able to give shape to ideas.

Project team
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