La Casa de los Cuadros

La Casa de los Cuadros

Cyan arq+dis
Malchingui, Ecuador | View Map
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Stone brick and metal in perfect harmony

Cyan arq+dis as Architects

Acquiring a home in the city was too expensive and the possibilities were reduced to very small apartments or that met in a very basic way the requirements of Jacqueline and Geovanni, that is why they decide to acquire a land away from the city and start the process of their housing from scratch.

They found in Malchinguí (a small town near the city of Quito) the ideal place for their future home, a large plot of 800m2, which in the city would have been very expensive, but in this town, the price was perfectly adjusted to their budget.

They were looking for a small house but comfortable enough for both, both were excited by the possibilities that could give them live away from the city, so we set up a very cozy home, which with contemporary touches creates a remembrance of the traditional rural house. Stone walls, wood details and of course a very clear relationship with outer space.

The stone walls are the structural support of the house, whose continuity is cut or perforated in the exact points to be able to frame the pre-existing trees that we could find in the land, as well as some exterior elements that were created in the project and are worthy of be observed.

"... I wanted to put a painting, but with these windows it seems that it will not be necessary" Each cutting of the walls is transformed into a window that frames a piece of landscape, thanks to them from the inside you can feel the tranquility that provides the natural environment in which the housing is implanted.

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