La Crèche du Front de neige

La Crèche du Front de neige

Pelvoux, France - Build completed in 2008

La Crèche du Front de neige

Muriel Dubersten and Caroline Nicolier as Architects

We are two architects, Muriel Dubersten and Caroline Nicolier, working together for some public projects in the south of French Alps.

The Kindergarten "La Crèche du Front de neige" was built in 2008, for 12 children, in the village of Pelvoux, near the skifront.

Originally the building was a public house of leisure. We have to extend it to create the kindregarten.

The actual surface is 140m². We tried to use ecological materials ( timber, linoleum, paint...) in a bioclimatic approach. The Kindergarten is integrated in the vicinity by taking some langage of the surrounding traditionnal buildings.

Italy Pavilion Milan Expo 2015
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Italy Pavilion Milan Expo 2015

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