La Floreale Bacoli
Gabriele Rivoli

La floreale Bacoli

manuarino architettura design comunicazione as Architects

A flower shop in the center of Bacoli, Naples.
The basic structure presented itself as a simple rectangular-shaped covering but with surprise, the false ceiling hid a precious sail vault that we brought to light and restored emphasizing it with adequate lighting. The manuarino architecture studio has opted for a choice of unusual and courageous interior design: that of enhancing the flowers by giving the background a dark gray color that has allowed to give plants and flowers an exceptional prominence. The shop is all dark except for a single wall, the white one reserved for the resale of the famous Yankee Candle scented candles and the fake flowers placed in a white chest of drawers. As soon as you enter, you are overwhelmed by the scents of candles and plants placed on wooden tables positioned in the middle of the space. On the right, in a niche, there is a podium for the sophisticated orchids that become the protagonists of the exhibition. After all, the two sales counters also function as worktops, one has a mirror logo and the other has two stools for the customers, above an industrial-type lighting. Both desks have an integrated system for paper rolls and ribbons: a real working area in sight.
For strictly custom-made birch wood furniture, the Neapolitan architect Salvatore Vicidomini chose a dark color that follows the colors of the walls.
Even the communication is the work of the manuarino studio and more precisely of the designer Isabel Pugliese who has chosen as an institutional color a dark green background on which the brand is formed, consisting of simple geometric shapes that, with a slight rotation, form a flower.

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