La ganadera

La ganadera

Cubo Rojo Arquitectura
San Francisco del Rincón, Guanajuato, Mexico
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César Béjar

La ganadera

Cubo Rojo Arquitectura as Architects

“La Ganadera” is a commercial building for a local association of livestock farmers in the city of San Francisco del Rincón, Guanajuato. The architectural program attends the following needs: meeting area, offices, drug store, warehouse, kitchen and terrace. The emplacement is given in the corner of a main street that seeks an immediate visual answer, through a dynamic composition and the acknowledgement of a solid material composition. The team decided to lean on stereotomic and vernacular architecture, that looks forward being touched by the dust, wet by the rain as well as it founding in the vegetation its own shadows.

Through color, texture, the mud’s irregular walls, concrete and wood, we grant a character that can easily bring the users reminiscences of the countryside which is essential for their lives. The volumen of the composition is composed by a solid element, and an empty one that balance each other out. This last element divides the composition moreover, it also has inclinations and floting elements which attempts to evoque the archetype of the farms. On ground floor, the basement that´s in contact with the earth and mud, therefore it becomes a mirror for the shadows of the trees and the city life. On the other side the top floor volumes keep contact with the interior patio in the most convenient way, with specific empty spaces for some cases or with large openings for other dynamics. The solid and linear elements represent the human creation which contrasts with the lattice that represent the natural complexity

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