Madrid, Spain - Build completed in 2014
Orlando Gutierrez (


Zooco Estudio as Architects

Zooco Estudio has transformed a popular commercial premise in Madrid into La Maruca, a restaurant named after one of the beautiful Cantabria´s beaches. The result is a neutral, atemporal interior space able to adapt itself to future needs.

After studying critical aspects of the venue, it was necessary to improve the main entry, bad lighting and the original building alignment. To resolve these problems we choose to add a stairway for the entry and recess part of the enclosure to create a covered terrace increasing the visibility and get the attention of pedestrians of the Velàzquez street.

The aesthetic of the restaurant is defined by a series of horizontal surfaces with different types of natural woods and vertical surfaces with white hexagonal glass mosaics. This combination gives a warm, luminous and comfortable atmosphere to this interior design.

For the furniture selection, Zooco has collaborated with Madame Kaktus studio and together they chose vibrant and functional elements that make reference to coastal Spanish city of Santander. Among those elements we can emphasize the artwork of the artist Fernando Bermejo.

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