Laboratorios Cámara Arbitral de Cereales

Laboratorios Cámara Arbitral de Cereales

DUA Arquitectos
Rosa Carmen Allstreet, Puerto de la ciudad de Santa Fe, Santa Fe, Argentina
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Product Spec Sheet
Steel framing materials / FacadesHunter Douglas Architectural
Aluminum and glass openingsCORMET S.A.
Electrical MaterialsElectro Volt S.R.L.
Air conditioning systemsProno Ingeniería S.A.
Renewable energy systemsSG Energías Renovables
Product Spec Sheet
Steel framing materials / Facades
Aluminum and glass openings
Electrical Materials
Air conditioning systems
Illumination artifacts
Renewable energy systems

Edificio de Laboratorios de la Cámara Arbitral de Cereales

DUA Arquitectos as Architects

It is a building whose program is basically composed of 3 laboratories for the realization of various analyzes of cereals and seeds, linked to a sector of administrative and managment offices. It was solved in a longitudinal way with 2 levels arranged along the ground. On the ground floor to the front, administrative offices, reception and some services are located; below (linked by a circulation spine) are 3 analysis laboratories. On the upper floor, and throughout  the entire building, a container volume was located that solves the offices of each sector, manager office atthe front and the second level of laboratories.


The parking spaces of the building are located at the bottom of the land, as well as a parking space for the loading and unloading of samples with which the laboratories work.

The access to the garages is resolved through a side parallel street  to the building against the west party wall. To the east, the building is also separated from the dividing wall to form a landscaped courtyard space that acts as a lung and resolves visuals and ventilations of the main work spaces.

Regarding the construction aspects, the building is built with an independent structure that combines metal and reinforced concrete elements and the internal walls and partitions were made in dry construction materials (Steel framing system and plasterboard partition walls). Aluminum frames and high performance glass were used. The interior floors are made of industrial floor type and in some sectors of porcelain in large pieces. The volume of the second level is coated on the outside with miniwave metal sheets with cloths of the same micro perforated sheet in the sectors where the openings are. Piping systems and special installations were also envisaged.

General considerations on environmental aspects.

They were taken into account in the project general parameters tending to achieve the energy efficiency of the building, the use of renewable energy, the rational consumption of water, quality and low environmental impact, according to the points raised by the EAPSF (Administrator of Puerto of Santa Fe), namely:

- Walls and ceilings were used to improve the thermal efficiency of the building. In this regard, the main circulation of the building on the west side has been placed in such a way as to minimize the solar incidence on the work spaces located to the east. In the sectors where there is no such circulation, we have worked with closed volumes and small openings, and we have thought about the placement of solar protection elements to the west to reduce the solar incidence on the glass.

- All environments that allow it have ventilation systems and natural lighting suitable for the purposes.

- Lighting systems with low energy consumption were used mostly in work spaces.

- For water heating systems solar water heaters were used with their corresponding collectors placed on the roof.

- In sanitary installations, measures were taken to control discharges into sewers or absorbent wells, through the use of biodigesters and / or absorbent beds.

Material Used :

1. Steelframe panelized - STEELWORK S.R.L.

2. Steel framing materials/Facades - DISSER S.R.L. / HUNTER DOUGLAS

3. Construction metal structure and concrete - COMPAÑÍA DE CONSTUCCIONES CONFORT S.A.

4. Complementary worksCompletions - BR CONSTRUCCIONES S.R.L.

5. Metal structures interior - METALURGICA ANDREA

6. Sanitation - C.I.A.R CONSTRUCTORA S.R.L

7. ElectricalInstallations - SySE – SOPORTE Y SERVICIOS ELÉCTRICOS

8. Electrical Materials - ELECTROVOLT S.R.L

9. Aluminum and glass openings - CORMET S.A.

10. Sanitary materials and terminations - COLOME S.A.

11. Air conditioning systems - PRONO INGENERÍA S.R.L.

12. Renewable energy systems - SG ENERGÍAS RENOVABLES

13. Bells and extraction systems - THORBELL S.R.L.

14. Security and alarm systems - PROSEGUR

15. Illumination artifacts - SERGIO ZOTTICO ILUMINACION

16. Curtains - DEKORA S.R.L.Fotógrafo: RAMIRO SOSA

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Security and alarm systems
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