Laboratory of Ideas

Laboratory of Ideas

PAYANA arquitectura
Barracas, Argentina
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Laboratory of Ideas

PAYANA arquitectura as Architects

We designed the store-library of the CMD as a laboratory, to explore, experiment, examine and practice with the books and objects that are developed in the Metropolitan Design Center (CMD). We understand the CMD as a factory. A place where the design process is incubated, and the designers can get support to develop their ideas and be able to grow as entrepreneurs. Our aim is that every designer, student and visitor finds in this store-library a space to get together, study, make research and participate actively by giving his opinion about the objects that are produced in the center.

From the window you will see the new design objects exposed in the incubator. When you enter the store, a receptionist will explain you the terms of use… From the “wall of product analysis” you can take a CMD object and work with it on the laboratory. The materials (pencils, paper, rulers, scissors, markers, glue, etc.) can be used exclusively within the workshop. You can consult all the books that are in the library. You can read a book, use or transform any object, but before you go please leave your suggestion in a post-it and paste it on the wall. If you want you can buy any of the products in our store

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