Laboratory of the Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority

Laboratory of the Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority

VenhoevenCS architecture + urbanism
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Luuk Kramer

Laboratory FCA

VenhoevenCS architecture + urbanism as Architects

The main structure of the building is comparable with a Dutch ‘head-neck-body farm’. The offices are mainly located at the street side with permanent free view, the lab rooms are concentrated in the center, and the research halls are located at the back. While the offices are extravert, overlooking the street, the lab rooms in the center are introvert, light entering through light shafts, climatization of the rooms being controlled to a maximum. The research halls at the back of the building are like a farm stable, directly connected with the yard.

Internal visibility lines connect the whole building. Atria separate the different zones and supply the building with light and fresh air. Furthermore, like in Roman architecture they anchor the somewhat lost body to its location: the umbilicus connecting micro cosmos and earth.

An important source of inspiration are the cosmic, tagliatella like super strings (connecting quantum mechanics and the theory of general relativity). These are miniature vibrations, smaller than the smallest elementary fraction (10 –33 cm) in which the difference between material and energy stops to exist. Graphically the strings look like open ended tubes. The main scheme of the laboratory reflects the wispy character of the string space. Routings in the building are transformed versions of usual, modern, clear and univocal network. The super strings are also recognizable in the head of the building, resembling a monster with several eyes inspecting its surrounding.

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