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Austin, Texas, United States - Build completed in 2015
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In-es.artdesign as Manufacturers

The idea for LACQUER started in 2012 when founder Carla Hatler moved back to Austin from Los Angeles and couldn't find the perfect nail salon.

"I had trouble finding a great nail salon that I didn't have to book out weeks in advance. The walk in salons didn't feel clean to me, and usually only carried one brand of nail lacquer. I couldn't believe Austin didn't have many great nail options, and the wheels starting turning. I did tons of research, interviews with other business owners and location scouting - a process that took me three years. All the stars aligned and I opened LACQUER Downtown in March 2015, coincidentally during the first week of SXSW, and haven't looked back. We now have two locations in Austin."

-Carla Hatler, Owner & Founder


GREER, a boutique design practice based in Austin, Texas, is the interior design studio that took care of this project. They are focused on creating timeless designs. GREER’s signature is an architectural and holistic approach to design, where every detail is meticulously executed, the result being stunning rooms and spaces. Their work represents a range of client aesthetics and tastes; what they all share is a timeless and classic simplicity.

Since opening Greer Interior Design, Jennifer Greer Hartmann has collaborated closely with her clients to achieve a unique balance of classically modern interiors. Versatile with many different styles and aspects of both classic and modern design, she strongly believes that interiors should reflect the surrounding architecture and more importantly, the people living in them.

Jaime Reynolds Senior Designer, is another member of Greer Interior Design. Her passion for design stems from her love of beautiful architecture and interiors. Jaime believes attention to detail and the functionality of one’s surroundings is key when designing the perfect space. She very much enjoys working closely with clients and providing them with highest quality of customer service.

The third and last member is Meghan Kardow Associate Designer, Project Manager. To Meghan, design should have personality that goes beyond functionality. Your space should truly reflect both who you are and how you will live in the space. She thoroughly enjoys working with clients to help them realize their design vision, as well as exceeding their expectations.

In the case of the nail Salon Laquer, neutral and light colors have been chosen for the furniture and walling to emphasize that the place is clean, so that the customer may feel safe and comfortable.

The light colors also have the function of creating a contrast with the colorful nail polishes, which are neatly exhibited on the shelves.

The elegant black and gold Mezza Luna 1 pendants, with a 70 cm diameter, by the Italian decorative design lighting company In-es.artdesign, have been chosen to give personality to the space and to give a further touch of color.

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