laRinascente MIlano Duomo Design Supermarket

laRinascente MIlano Duomo Design Supermarket

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Milano, Italy - Build completed in 2009

laRinascente MIlano Duomo Design Supermarket

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The idea behind laRinascente’s lower ground floor store is a design ruled by a strong visual order that elates the potential of the designers’ objects displayed.

The energy of this 2000 sqm space named the Design Supermarket, hosting more than 200 brands, is provided by a rigorous repetitive geometry of extended display counters divided by dwarf walls.

This gives to the customer an uninterrupted view, allowing to immediately seize the totality of space and of exhibited merchandise.

Thin strips of light are located on the top of the dwarf walls. This subtle detail emphasizes the stretching prospective of the design.

The essential lines and the neutral tones of furniture, floors and walls, make for the ideal background for the colorful variety of the displayed objects.

The stores (each accessible via a four-meter wide doorways) that line the perimeter, are divided from the central area by walls finished in warm-white resin, with inserts and niches made of beige Etrurian stone.

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