Le nuvole

Le nuvole

Gap Interiorismo
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Product Spec Sheet

ElementBrandProduct Name
Chat, Tartana
LampsMassmi Iluminación
Lob, Poppol
carpentry workGAP interiorismo
Wallpaper Hipster Instabilelab

Product Spec Sheet
Babila 2735, Fabbrico TFA, BABILA 2736 by PEDRALI
Chat, Tartana by Sancal
Lob, Poppol by Massmi Iluminación
carpentry work
Wallpaper Hipster

Le nuvole

Gap Interiorismo as Architects

To ease the return to work by mitigating post-lockdown stress, to make the most of the available space, and to facilitate teamwork while preserving people's privacy. These were the goals of the project. To achieve this, circulation was reorganised to optimise the diaphanous space, which is framed, with different tools, in well-defined functional areas.


Two of these are the new spaces for socialising, which were shaped as two, deliberately differentiated zones that respond to similar but different needs. "La piazza", a welcoming area for workers and visitors, offers a common and informal space that favours communication and interaction, encouraging personal growth and the exchange of experiences. This transition zone draws nature indoors, inviting you to take a step towards a more sustainable and peaceful way of life. In addition, with no windows opening to the outside, the plants help to provide humidity and reduce the temperature of the room.


"The cafeteria" a celebration of the rite of commensality, is equipped with ovens and fridges to promote slow food and a healthy, balanced diet. This space provides an opportunity to get to know each other, strengthen ties and encourage cooperation between employees.


The rest of the main room is populated by small work islands. Each of them has a sheltered and intimate area made up of an ash structure covered with a triple textile layer that provides optimum sound absorption. These acoustic vaults, evoking a sky furrowed by soft clouds of wool pierced by the golden rays of the sun, bring colour to a space whose translucent polycarbonate enclosure block the view of the outside landscape.


Attached to the east façade is a storage area alternating with occasional worktables. This more dynamic area provides external collaborators with a functional working area, with easy access to the company's resources.

The meeting room is equipped with all the facilities to hold videoconferences with stakeholders and present the results of the projects. Finally, the ceo's office expresses the manager's passion for comics, achieving a relaxed a casual athmosphere. The office becomes an unusual and captivating point of view for workers.


In short, the aim of the project was to bring the domestic and professional space closer, making people's psychophysical well-being the priority. Welcome to your new office!


Material Used:
La piazza:
- Taburete Chat / Taburetes — Sancal
- Lattice with plants: custom creatiom from our studio

Work islands:
- Acustic and lighting pannels: Acústico Tartana / Acústicos — Sancal

La Cafetería:
- Lamps: Massmi Lob — MASSMI
- Tables: Pedrali Fabbrico - Pedrali 
- Custom carpentry work by GAP interiorismo
- Phono absorbant paper Wallpaper Hipster | Instabilelab 

The meeting room:
- Chairs:  Chair BABILA 2736 - Pedrali 
- Vinyl 

CEOs office:
- Estatua DC Cómics Batman Arkham Batman Escala Real. Poppol — MASSMI 
- Lamp: Massmi Poppol — MASSMI 

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