Le Soleil d´été Store

Le Soleil d´été Store

messina | rivas
Jardim Paulistano, São Paulo - State of São Paulo, Brazil | View Map
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Le Soleil d´été Store

messina | rivas as Architects

Water has always been an inspiration element for the Le Soleil de’été, since it brings everything that is lighter, smoother and adaptable.

The design of the architecture project for the new store seeks to find a response to the demands of a mall – project, approval and execution in only two months – in a difficult environment – a commercial room of 27m² with the shape of a trapezoidal prism of 6 meters height.


A mall is a kind of crystal fantasy, a rigid aquarium subdivided dozens of times where each store hosts an animal that responds to its own interests inside the local normative rules.


The response of the architecture project for the new store of Le Soleil de’été is given by the insertion of a water body structured by metallic slim profiles that mold themselves to the space. The six paw-pillars support the storage involved by a scale-skin constructed with clay tiles. Everything else – the helical stairs, showcase, dressing room, packing table, counter, hangers, cabinets and clothes – link themselves to this body, like the reefs over the sea rocks.


In this fantasy, we wanted to make a crab with its six legs, fish scales and an aquarium full of reefs that tell the history of the water.

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