Le Tourp Cultural Center - Omonville-la-Rogue

Le Tourp Cultural Center - Omonville-la-Rogue

Architecture Patrick Mauger
Omonville-la-Rogue, France
Project Year
Cultural Centres

Didier Boy de la Tour

Le Tourp Cultural Center - Omonville-la-Rogue

Architecture Patrick Mauger as Architects

Located on the tip of the Cotentin peninsula, this architectural complex placed on the French supplementary historic monuments list aims to increase the number of tourists visiting the area and develop its natural and ethnological heritage. Positioned around the courtyard - the heart of the “Maison de la Hague” - are a number of permanent and temporary exhibition galleries, a cultural and scientific research centre and an accommodation wing.

Outside, a contemporary timber and glass greenhouse welcomes hikers and contributes to developing the image of the region as a focal point merging cultural heritage and modernity.

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