"Less is more" ? ... Little is more.

"Less is more" ? ... Little is more.

Stefano Toscano

Emanuele Zaniboni architetto

Davide Bardini
Torino, Italy
Tommaso BuzzI

"Less is more" ? ... Little is more by Davide Bardini, Stefano Toscano and Emanuele Zaniboni

Stefano Toscano as Architects

The apartment has a rectangular layout (5,5 by 10,5 m), is characterized by 8 windows positioned on three walls, and is situated on the last floor of a building dating from the first part of the XX century in Turin's centre. It will soon become our friend's new house.

Our client friend has expressed these requirements: to renovate the room layout without changing the bathroom, and to optimize the space with custom furniture taking into consideration the numerous windows.

The answer is a specific design solution that will remove all partition walls and will insert a brand new box like furniture / partition with the aim of obtaining a bright studio apartment customized to the way of life of the inhabitant.

The custom white lacquered furniture, which acts as a divide, adapts its features in accordance with the spaces it crosses: utility room and laundry room in entrance, kitchen and pantry in the dining room, wardrobe and bed in bedroom.

A rollaway section will be inserted between the living area and the bedroom to ensure the level of privacy desired by the client.

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