Liberal Realms

Liberal Realms

Taichung, Taiwan
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T.M Design Studio as Interior Architects

In this design,the main style is minimal design, without surplus decoration to bring out the original appearance of the material. The white tone is the main body of design. It highlights the most natural beauty of the material and creates a clean atmosphere of the space. In addition, the black iron decoration is added to the space to increase the three-dimensional level of the space. Its open public sphere gives space smooth traffic flow. The one axis design of public field not only extends vision, but also creates a small world for owners to read and heal their body and mind. The neat lines divide the white back wall cabinet to add fresh and delicate atmosphere to the reading area. In the unlimited space, enlarge the spacious and bright sense of space with white tone. In this minimal design, giving the residents more imaginations of the fantasy kingdom called "freedom".

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Blåvand, Denmark - Build completed in 2017
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