Library in San Quirino

Library in San Quirino

Furlan&Pierini Architetti

Ado Furlan

Vittorio Pierini
San Quirino, Italy
Stefano Ciol

Library in San Quirino

Furlan&Pierini Architetti as Architects

The project involves the renovation and plant architecture of a building built in the twenties of the twentieth century to house the town library. The two floors have been completely freed from existing interior walls, the ground floor, which has become an open-space environment, is intended to acceptance by the public, deposit books and reading room; the first floor has been divided into three rooms, two laboratory intended for teens and adults, the third multi-purpose room. The program also required the construction of a new multimedia environment that, not finding place in the existing building, it was built as an extension on the south side, facing the garden. This is set up as a real section of pipe, open in the east and west sides, which prospectus courts are inclined in two different planes. Metaphor of the "fiber optic" functional to the transmission of computer data, the new environment is thought of as a section of a cable, in which users connect to the network. Made exposed concrete, is raised from the ground and treated externally with a glaze of white water-based which "lightens" the volume compared to the existing building. The outdoor area overlooking the entrance, made of concrete finish smoothed, expands with different slopes from the entrance to the porch seamless; in the central part is cut out a triangular space from which emerges a palm tree, the only evidence of the original garden of the House.

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